About FriskyDSP

FriskyDSP provides advanced embedded software engineering IP, services and technology to
customers in Israel and around the globe. The company specialized in signal processing
algorithms and technology for wide range of application including 3G & 4G wireless
standards, wireline communication, Image and Video Processing including H.264 and H.265
as well as other image and video processing application and general purpose digital signal
processing. FriskyDSP engineering includes a team specialized in operating system with focus
on embedded Linux operating system. The company’s comprehensive development projects
start from initial market or customer system requirements through detailed specification to
the delivery of verified and optimized code in form of either off the shelf IP or a turnkey
completed project.

FriskyDSP’s in-depth knowledge, skills and broad system understanding help our customers to
achieve their short and long-term development objectives. We pride ourselves in our
established and close relationships with our customers, providing them with our patent
protected IPs, analyzing their system requirements, consulting on the optimal solution and
finally serving as their outsourced R&D experts. The resulting solution satisfies customer and
market needs, saves time, costs and resources.

FriskyDSP is a certified Freescale Connect Proven Partner. A Qualcomm Hexagon access
partner. And a member of TI’s ecosystem. We pride ourselves in our expertise and experience
with a wide range of applications and the in depth knowledge of multiple devices from
different companies.