Embedded Enginnering

FriskyDSP offers a range of embedded software engineering services to meet and exceed customers’ needs, and comprehensive turnkey development projects based on customer requirements that boost overall system performance.

We assign skilled and experienced engineers to plan and execute each and every project. Further, FriskyDSP’s CTO closely monitors all of our projects to ensure that every task is completed and that project delivery times are met. We work closely with our customers to define requirements before the start of any project to guarantee optimal results.

Turnkey Development Projects

FriskyDSP executes projects from initial customer requirements to delivered, verified and optimized code. Requirements can be high-level requirements or detailed specifications.

Alongside our customers, we define the specifications, APIs (if required), and the scope of work (SOW). Our SOW is diligently detailed and includes project timetable, milestones and deliveries. Within the SOW, we schedule regular project reviews and customer feedback upon project delivery.

When a new project is launched, we adhere to careful project definition and specifications based on your requirements to ensure that both the development timetable and budget are clearly defined and efficient.

Platform Enabler

FriskyDSP’s Platform Enabler helps our customers migrate to a new platform or enhance or add features to an existing platform.

Our experience and expertise enables customers to integrate a new platform with minimum time, effort and resources. Our services include porting existing software to new hardware, and developing drivers and required software modules.

Following is a partial list of software development tasks:

  • Software driver for SoC integrated peripherals
  • Maple accelerator coding
  • BSP
  • Loaders
  • FPGA integration with Freescale platforms
  • Firmware development
  • OS customization
  • Software updates via IP


FriskyDSP optimizes customers’ source code for best performance and memory usage. Based on our in-depth knowledge of Freescale DSP internals, we maximize your hardware resource utilization.

Optimization requires a deep understanding of the hardware, system level relationships, memory usage and what we refer to as the Art of Optimization. With the Art of Optimization, we have dramatically saved customers’ time and costs, enabling them to deliver high-performance products on time – and on schedule.

As part of our services offering, we also perform system-level optimization, including cross-processor communication (for multicore platforms) and all memory layers.

Customer Training

FriskyDSP offers a comprehensive set of courses on Freescale StarCore DSP Platforms, covering platform architecture and embedded software implementation with exercises and hands-on training.

Training courses are developed and delivered by experienced embedded software engineers who continuously perform development work on Freescale DSP Platforms and maintain up-to-date training.

We provide various levels of customer training – from basic, introductory classes, to full hands-on sessions. We also offer customized training to address specific customer needs with a quick learning curve.

Our embedded training consists of everything your company needs to successfully develop your application. You will learn about the platform, how to use the software development tools, and how to implement your software effectively.

Customer training courses include:

Freescale DSP-Based Platforms

  • MSC81XX
  • MSC815X
  • BSC913X
  • B4XX

Course Topics:

  • Platform overview and deep dive into various hardware blocks
  • Software tools: IDE, compiler, debugger simulator
  • Embedded software programming techniques, including: optimization, multithreading, multi-coring, memory utilization, inter processor communication
  • Debugging and Profiling  techniques
  • Freescale LTE L1 embedded software applications
  • SmartDSP OS for Freescale StarCore DSP
  • Embedded Linux OS

For more information, click HERE to view the FriskyDSP Embedded Training Manual.


FriskyDSP has the skill, knowledge and experience to fully understand your system, define and develop a robust verification environment for the development stage and for a production-level system. We create a unique environment that is built from several modules which efficiently run inside and outside your platform and include all relevant communications between each of the modules. Further, as part of the verification process, we provide our customers with detailed reports that include test procedures and results.