Software IP packages

Based on our signal processing expertise, FriskyDSP is pleased to offer our customer a range of Software IP. Our innovative IP offerings provide our customer the best way to leap-frog the competition and enable fastest time to market.

We are developing IP in 3 domains:

Wireless Solutions


With the evolving needs of networks our “super small cell” wireless IP
package provides an affordable way to use low cost off the shelf small cell
solutions and enhance it to fit special and much larger market needs.


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Multimedia & Video Solutions


With the growing demand and traffic related to video and multimedia and the introduction of higher efficiency – higher complexity H.264 & H.265 video compression standards the challenge of building an efficient multichannel video transcoder increases.

Our multimedia IP Implemented on B4860 portable to other platforms.

  • Real time Multichannel (6 simultaneous channels) H.265 encoder – decoder.

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General Purpose Library Solutions


In order to maximize time to market the fastest way is to start your design with our general purpose IP library.

This library includes:

  • Drivers, macros and libraries to be used with Freescale DSP’s and processors, ready to be used by the standard compiler library with CodeWarrior plug-in patch .

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