FriskyDSP provides a comprehensive range of solutions that include high-performance tools and products based on Freescale DSP-based platforms.

Fast PRACH Library for LTE L1 Software (BSC9131/2)
Enables LTE SmallCell platform cell sizes of several tens of kilometers (13.4km, 16km, 23km, and 30km)

The Fast PRACH library enables the use of low-cost, low-power BSC9131/2 platforms for extended cell size such as in rural areas. The library is provided as a binary library to be combined with other Freescale LTE L1 libraries, replacing the Freescale-supplied PRACH library with an identical API.

The Fast PRACH library includes:

  • Documentation and guidelines on how to use the library, including required modifications to LTE L1 source code (if required)
  • LTE L1 integration and customization service